Mastering the Art of Retirement Planning.

Easy to Use

The application should be easy to use, engaging, fun and informative.

Free to All

There is no charge for using the application and your data is never shared.

Powerfull Idea

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the results and focus on a reality simulation.


A work of art is above all an vision of mind!

What is Lee Helm

Lee Helm is not a person but is considered dangerous in a sailboat. While sailing, an undirected boat with lee helm will bear (turn) away from the wind, accelerate, and perform an accidental or uncontrolled gybe, perhaps repeatedly. In an uncontrolled gybe, the force of the wind moves the sails and boom from one side of the boat to the other. In a strong wind, this movement will be very fast and forceful... and can damage the boat, the sails, injure the crew, or cause the boat to broach (lay over on its side).

With the headwinds or inflation, recession, and slow growth, Retirement planning can be difficult as well. Let us help!

How it Started

When our family prepared for retirement, we built this huge spreadsheet to help calculate our odds of success. From that simple model, we added 5 more simulation techniques based on Academic research. These simulations gave us the confidence that our after-work life was going to be fine. These simulations provided us the answers to the questions that my colleagues were constantly asking.

We decided to pick the historical simulation because no one else was using actual historical information. Other retirement calculators use a linear calculation or a Monte-Carlo simulation. Nothing wrong with these approaches but the historical gave us the best insight.

THE Calculator

Mastering the art of Retirement Planning.